NEW - TPX, HHP (High Holding Power) Anchor

The NEW Anchorlift TPX Anchor, 2nd generation plow type anchor. TPX anchors are designed to work very well in most sea bed conditions like sand and mud. Due to the sharp nose of the fluke, the TPX Anchor also works well in grassy bottoms as the sharp nose digs through the grass and down into the sand or mud. The Anchorlift TPX is made with a removable roll bar allowing for installations underneath a bow sprit or a thru hull installation. The roll bar can easily be removed or mounted back on with only two bolts for other mounting applications. The Anchorlift TPX Anchors are made from the highest quality 316L Stainless Steel available and made from solid material for maximum strength (no casted or hollow materials). The TPX Anchor comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty against breakage or other construction defects. *Limited Lifetime Warranty - see warranty for details

TPX Anchor
TPX Anchor


TPX8 WeightBoat Size
TPX6 6 kg 13.2 lbsup to 25ft, 2500kg / 5,500lbs
TPX8 8 kg 17.6 lbsup to 30ft, 3500kg / 7,700lbs
TPX10 10 kg 22 lbsup to 37ft, 7000kg / 15,400lbs
TPX15 15 kg 33 lbsup to 45ft, 12500kg / 27,500lbs
TPX20 20 kg 44 lbsup to 52ft, 16000kg / 35200lbs
TPX25 25 kg 55 lbsup to 55ft, 20000kg / 44,000lbs
TPX30 30 kg 66 lbsup to 60ft, 25000kg / 55,000lbs
TPX40 40 kg 88 lbsup to 75ft, 45000kg / 99,000lbs
TPX50 50 kg 110 lbsup to 80ft, 55000kg / 121,000lbs
TPX80 80 kg 176 lbsup to 90ft, 80000kg / 176,000lbs
TPX120 120 kg 264 lbsup to 110ft, 110000kg / 242,000lbs
XR Anchor – High Holding Power (HHP), Less Weight

The Anchorlift™ XR anchor is specifically designed to sit as close to the bow as possible. The special design of the fluke prevents the anchor from beating on the bow when parked in the bow roller and the improved anchor shank extends out and clear of the bow before deploying downward. The XR anchor comes in the same physical sizes as the famous Bruce anchor, but the weight is only about 60%. The lower weight is important because it is intended to be used on sport fishing boats which require as little weight in the bow as possible.  The Anchorlift™ XR Anchor still offers the same physical holding power with the reduced weight and is made of Solid AISI316L Stainless Steel with a polished mirror finish.  Limited Lifetime Warranty!

XR Anchor
XR Anchor
Model SIzeBruce Claw ComparableXR WeightBoat Size
XR6 65kg / 11lbs4.3 kgs / 9.5 lbsup to 22 feet
XR8 87.5kg / 16.5lbs5.2 kgs / 11.5 lbsup to 28 feet
XR10 1010kg / 22lbs7.4 kgs / 16.3 lbsup to 35 feet
XR15 1515kg / 33lbs10.5 kgs / 23lbsup to 40 feet
XR20 2020kg / 44lbs14 kgs/ 30.8lbsup to 50 feet
XR30 3030kg / 66lbs23.5kgs / 52lbsup to 60 feet
XR50 5050kg / 110lbs32kgs / 70.5lbsup to 75 feet
XR80 8080kg / 176lbs52kgs / 114.5lbsup to 90 feet
CX Anchor, High Holding Power (HHP), Larger Size

Our NEW Claw X (CX) anchor is based on the famous Bruce anchor design, which was originally made for oil rigs in the North Sea. The CX sets fast and secure to almost any bottom condition. Constructed of Solid AISI316L Stainless Steel the CX series are not casted but made of stainless steel plates for best corrosion protection and strength. Wing size is 25% larger on the CX than on the corresponding Bruce size for the best possible holding power. Limited Lifetime Warranty!

CX Anchors
CX Anchors
Model Bruce Claw ComparableCX WeightBoat Size
CX7 7.5kg / 16.5 lbs5.2 kgs / 11.5 lbs.up to 25 feet
CX10 10kg / 22lbs7.6 kgs / 16.7 lbsup to 30 feet
CX15 15kg / 33lbs12kgs / 26lbsup to 40 feet
CX50 50kg / 110lbs40kgs / 88lbsup to 75 feet
CX80 80kg / 176lbs53kg / 117lbsup to 90 feet
Anchor Accessories
Chain Stopper
Chain Stopper

Works with your anchor rollers to take the tension off the windlass by locking the chain.  Included a convenient foot tab for safe and easy operation. Mounted with 4 screw holes to increase breaking strength. Made in 316L mirror polished stainless steel.

Anchorlift #91404 Chain Stopper for chain 6mm - 8mm / 1/4" – 5/16"
Chain: Handles 6 - 8 mm (1/4 – 5/16") chain.
Breaking Load:  2500 kg (5,500 lbs.)
Fits Chain Size:  6-8 mm (1/4" – 5/16")  

Anchorlift #91405 Chain Stopper for chain 9mm - 13mm / 3/8" – 1/2"
Chain: Handles 9 - 13 mm (3/8” – 1/2") chain.
Breaking Load:  2500 kg (5,500 lbs.)
Fits Chain Size:  9-13 mm (3/8" – 1/2")  

Chain D Connecting Link
Chain D Connecting Link

924407 - Chain D Connecting Link 
Working Load Limit: 750 lbs.
Chain Size:  6mm / 1/4"

924408 - Chain D Connecting Link 
Working Load Limit: 1000 lbs.
Chain Size:  8mm / 5/16"

924409-Chain D Connecting Link
Working Load Limit: 1200 lbs.
Chain Size: 10mm / 3/8”

Anchor Safety Strap
Anchor Safety Strap

Anchor Safety Strap
Secure the anchor while the boat is under navigation

Breaking Load: 220 kgs / 490 lbs
Chain Size:  6 mm (1/4"), 8mm (5/16") and 10mm (3/8")